At the gates of Paris, come and discover bouldering at Blocbuster, a fun and social activity, accessible for everyone. With free access or subscription, supervised or autonomous, come and climb in a gym with a unifying atmosphere, conducive to exchange, to mutual aid and to challenges. Various packages are available, from discovery to advanced courses, Blocbuster has different areas to train, relax, or even eat and drink, with a breathtaking view on the boulders.

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    You want your children to discover climbing during the next holidays? From 7 to 14 years old, for a full day, sign up your children to our holiday climbing camps which take place during all school holidays at Blocbuster Courbevoie.

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    Rentrée 2021

    Join the Blocbuster climbing courses! In a friendly atmosphere, you can subscribe for the year or by the quarter, for a one hour session for children, or a one hour and a half session for teenagers, from 14 years old,and for adults. Reservation by email to cours@blocbuster.fr

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Blocbuster, Bouldering Facility

Boulder climbing, called "Bouldering" in the climbing community, is one of its disciplines, practiced without a rope or a harness, on walls and profiles reaching a maximum height of 4.50m (indoors), secured by large landing mats, and inspired by the practice on "boulders" at Fontainebleau.

From a very easy level to the most extreme one, come and climb in a setting that is conducive to exchange and mutual help. Blocbuster offers you a unique living space, in a friendly and shared atmosphere, accessible to everyone.


Discover Blocbuster

Are you new to bouldering?

Climbing is a complete sport, both physically and mentally: regular practice of this discipline strengthens and develops all the muscles of the body, while requiring concentration and self-transcendence.
Bouldering, which is practised without ropes or harnesses, only requires suitable climbing shoes, which are available for rent from Blocbuster if you don't have your own equipment, or for sale. Light sportswear is preferable to practice.
Yes, our gym is accessible from the age of 6, however, <b> an initiation is mandatory for children from 6 to 12 years old. The initiation is on reservation, </b> many slots are available, you only need to contact us one day or two before by phone (01 71 12 86 32). Supervised by a professional, the initiation allows to present the safety rules and the good practice of climbing to newcomers.

Climbing Courses

To discover climbing or to progress, qualified and passionate instructors with varied profiles will offer you group and individual lessons all week long:

Weekly group courses are given in a friendly atmosphere. Weekly group lessons are offered in a friendly atmosphere. The courses format is one hour for children, and one hour and a half for teenagers (from 14 years old) as well as for adults.

Blocbuster also offers one-hour personalised lessons , individually or in a group, in a one to five sessions format, with the aim of providing you with adapted support.

Climbing courses



Companies Package

Bring your employees together around bouldering to strengthen your team spirit and find your company's core values within our offers.

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Birthday Package

Blocbuster can celebrate your children's birthday: 1 hour of climbing accompanied by an hour to celebrate your child's birthday with his friends.

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Climbing Camps Package

During the school holidays, find out about our climbing camps. Open from 7 to 14 years old, this is the perfect opportunity to discover or to practice climbing in a fun atmosphere!

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