Companies Package

You perform in your company, do the same during your indoor climbing experience at Blocbuster.

Subscription/Free access:

Access for your employees to the climbing gym, come and climb with colleagues and meet other climbers in the gym. You can choose between a 10 entry booklet or a yearly subscription at a preferential rate. On this basis, do not hesitate to contact us for further and more personalised packages. More information by email at

Discovery package

Possibility to book supervised free access climbing sessions and to privatise the mezzanine to eat and organise a buffet or a cocktail for about fifteen people. The equipment required for the activity can or can not be included in the package. Reservation by email to

Team building package

Fun and sporting activities, supervised by bouldering specialists, for your seminars and company parties. The offer includes a 1 hour initiation as well as the rental of climbing shoes. Optional: challenge, competitions and dyno contest, as well as the possibility of catering on site. Reservation by email to

Do not hesitate to contact us for other more personalised packages, adapted to your needs.


Birthday Package

Blocbuster provides a birthday package at Blocbuster Courbevoie. Our 2-hour package consists of two parts:

1 hour of climbing, supervised by an instructor who will introduce the children to climbing in a fun and entertaining way. The rental of climbing shoes is included.

1 hour to have your birthday party in a private area for you and the children.

The price is €25 per child during the week (from the age of 7) and €35 per child on weekends (from the age of 9).

For the birthday party, Blocbuster also has a Party Package for €20.


Holiday Climbing Camp Package

Blocbuster offers holiday climbing camps during each school holiday, for children from 7 to 14 years old. From Monday to Friday, from 8.30am to 4.30pm, you can also register your children for one, two, three, for or five days. A childcare option until 6pm is also available.

Whether they are beginners or experienced climbers, your children will have the opportunity to discover climbing in all its forms: briefing and rules of practice, bouldering, climbing games, technical work, treasure hunt, climbing competition... all in an entertaining and fun atmosphere! (The program for the week is subject to change).

This year, our climbing course is changing. We are offering a full week of activities, including a day on Wednesday. During this day the children will discover new facets of climbing, notably through educational workshops based on films and specialised magazines, and will enjoy an afternoon in the Parc des Bruyères.

DAY PACKAGE 1 day: €75

4-day WEEKLY PACKAGE: €280

5-day WEEKLY PACKAGE: €340

Booking by email to