Blocbuster CNIT La Défense

Blocbuster CNIT is an artificial climbing structure (SAE) dedicated to bouldering in an indoor area of 1400 m2, located near Paris, within the CNIT la Défense. Most of our customers come over in free access, completely independent, and can evolve at their own pace. Beside climbing from the discovery to the further training, our indoor area offers a fitness space, a spacious sauna and a bar and slackline space.


This is an ideal complement to climbing, for those who practise casually as well as for those who are more regular, wishing to improve their climbing level. Practising fitness offers numerous benefits, like breaking your routine, cardiovascular work, it allows you to stay in shape and to maintain a good health. It is also a good way to warm up before a climbing session !

After a climbing or bodybuilding session, it helps eliminate toxins, improve blood circulation to prevent muscle soreness or even for its relaxing virtues. This is THE place to be after your climbing session, refresh yourself with our cascade shower or even chill out on our deck chairs.

Slack-line & Chill area

Blocbuster makes a terrace as well as a chill area available, enough to relax after the activity, have a drink after your session, play boardgames and benefit from the Slackline area. Similar to funambulism, this practice is the ideal activity to work on your agility and on your stability. The flexible and bouncy nature of the slackline invites to progress in stability, to work your muscular strengthening and concentration, complementary to the climbing practice.

CNIT price

The prices include access to the installations of CNIT and Courbevoie, in total autonomy. The different accesses to Blocbuster CNIT are usable without extra charge in Blocbuster Courbevoie.The accesses to Blocbuster Courbevoie are not usable in Blocbuster CNIT. Some explanation will be proposed if you discover the activity, howeveran initiation is obligatory for kids from 6 to 12 years old who have never practiced bouldering.

Reduced price : student (post highschool graduation and -28 years old student), Climbing licence (FFME, CAF, FSGT, UNSS), kids -12 years old.

The 10 entrance package is personal and no time limit.

The subscriptions annual or by trimester are valid from date to date. Possibility to pay the annual subscription in 3 times + 10 € fee.

2 dayly entrance offered with the annual subscription, and 1 entrance offered with the subscription by trimester, to help your relatives discover the activity.

Blocbuster also proposes climbing classes, visit our page Cours CNIT for further informations.


Full Access

Climbing + Fitness + Sauna + Slack-Line

  • Day Pass
  • 10 entrance package
  • trimester subscr.
  • Annual subscr.
  • Climb. shoes rental
  • 15€
  • 135€
  • 250€
  • 600€
  • 5€
  • Day Pass
  • 10 entrance package
  • trimester subscr.
  • Annual subscr.
  • Climb. shoes rental
  • 13.50€
  • 115€
  • 220€
  • 520€
  • 4€

Sauna access

Fitness + Sauna + Showers

  • Day Pass
  • 10 entrance package
  • Annual subscr.
  • 10€
  • 90€
  • 300€

Contact us

Blocbuster CNIT

  • During the week 10h-23h
  • Week end &Days off 10h-20h
  • 2 Place de la Défense 92053, La Défense
  • Telephone 01 47 44 96 83
  • E-mail